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chainstitch's Journal

Chain Stitch - A Plush Artist Group
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Plushmakers working towards perfection!
Chain Stitch is an e-circle of intermediate-to-advanced plush artists. We value quality, care, and continued improvement in our creations. Sewing plush is an overlooked craft in these modern days, so let's help each other in our efforts to continue to improve in bringing our dreams into a soft, real, plush form.


* Any plush artist may join, regardless of skill; however, only intermediate through advanced content (images, questions, tips) is on-topic. This is because basic sewing tips are easily found online.

* Plush of various styles and media are welcomed here - teddy bears, human dolls, animal soft toys, soft sculpture, needlefelting, various fabrics, plush with clay parts, etc. Just please make sure that the artwork is of intermediate/advanced quality/design.

* This is a fairly small community; just use common sense, and good language. Keep the love up, and drama low :)