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Question about PVC/Vinyl

I have a potential commission that involves PVC/Vinyl. I've never worked with it before, but I would like to branch out and try new fabrics with plush instead of solely relying on minky. So I was wondering if anyone has any tips for working with this fabric, good sites to purchase it from, etc. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks everyone and I hope your sewing ventures are successful!

And haha using a Vinylscatch icon for a post about vinyl. I am lame.


Hey chainstitch!

After procrastinating for about a year, I finally finished this big guy!


He's a lagiacrus from Monster Hunter Tri, and is about 40 inches long. I like how he turned out, but he's a bit 'stiff' for my likes and his jaw doesn't really close. I'd like to do more dragon/serpent/dinosaur plush in this scale in the future, any suggestions on how I can make them limber up? He's wire-jointed, braided 14 AWG aluminum with a felt skeleton with antipill skin.

Winter projects

So, what's everyone got on their plush schedule to keep them busy over the winter?

I have a pair of demons to finish up, a bunch of anthro style animals, and a pony to keep my busy til February.

How about you?

Making a sewing book?

Has anyone thought of, or attempted to, create a (plush) sewing book?
While at Border's tonight, high on a large Vanilla Chai Latte, I was pawing through a Japanese palm-size softies book, and thought ... why aren't I making one of these books yet?

Thoughts? Suggestions? This is my new goal, after making my own official gallery/portfolio of original plush, exhibiting at fairs, and selling patterns.

Charcoal Minky!

Minky Delight now carries minky in charcoal! Stock up on this very rare color!
(Photo comparison against grey ; link is to smooth minky)


Embroidering on minky

Hey guys! I hope you're plushing is going ~awesome~. I'm learning lots!

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for embroidering (by hand, I don't have a fancy machine :D;;) on minky? I've been warned off using a hoop as it apparently imprints the pile quite harshly (but I think I will do a test anyway since I don't plan to have the fabric in the hoop for long - maybe I can just brush it out?). I'm wondering if there's a simple way that someone here might be familiar with~

I hope that's not considered a "beginner" question. I'm not really certain what "advanced" means in terms of plush making here yet...

Also while I'm here, any tips on ironing minky would be appreciated! My current method is just to test on a low heat and do it reeeaaall slow through a cotton towel or whatever if I have to. *shrugs* Sometimes I feel like there's gotta be some awesome secret but there probably isn't. :P

Current projects?

Happy National sewing month! XD

The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”

I'm working on a milotic/dragoninte pair right now. Trying to make them as poseable as possible with milotic having plastic armature and dragonite being jointed in the limbs and neck. The antennae are getting chenille wire in, I really find that I have to use at least three to support the weight of the fabric and I twist them up together. I have plain wire for armature, but with the little narrow things I find that the fuzzy chenille wire is enough to "stuff" it too :)

Since it is national sewing month ;D I am going to try finishing that large dragon project too!

What you guys up to, got exciting sewing plans to share?

A useful tool: Tip~!

Hey y'all! I figured I would try to get in the habbit of writing some tips when I get the chance~!

Today, I'll recommend a good friend of mine.

Thread Heaven!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I love this stuff. It makes a like a silky smooth coating when you run your thread through it. Not only does it make it incredibly easy to work with, it prevents fraying and tangles too! In my opinion the thread becomes much easier to pull too. ^^

I highly recommend it.
Non-toxic! Hypo-allergenic! Under $5.00, but last a really long time. ♥

Treat your threads nicely and they will love you back. ♥//v//♥

This might be considered a beginners tip, but I honestly didn't discover this lovely product until sometime last year. I wish I knew of it sooner~! xD

A tip for anatomy

I've found that my plush have been way more accurate ever since I took a picture of what I wanted to make, blew it up to scale in photoshop, cropped the image into sections, and printed it out. I turn it to b/w and lighten it to save ink. This guy is printed across 6 pages, taped together.


It provides a great guideline as you work!