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Anyone still around here? :D

After all these years I think I've finally figured out how to design proper gussets. It's amazing how little information exists on how to do it! I was literally just cutting a piece of fabric the general shape I wanted and altering it to fit the opening as I worked up a pattern. Frustrating at best. >_<

How's everyone?

Plush toy Communities...?

This community is soooo quiet, presumably because so many people have migrated off LJ. Can anyone recommend a plush sewing community elsewhere? Does one even exist nowadays?

I'm so bored (in spite of having a million things I could be doing) so I was thinking of challenging myself. The challenge would be to use a free pattern that anyone has access to online and make something "impressive" with it. I think people look at some patterns, like Nuno's animal plush, and are less than impressed because of the execution even though her patterns are really quite nice. I guess I just want to show people that it's not hard to make a cool thing with what's easily available.

Loc-Line Armature

*pokes at community* Hey everyone!

Is anyone here familiar with Loc-Line armature? I'm confused when they say the measurements given are for the inside diameter. Why is this useful? >_< Is there an easy way to determine what size is right for a project without having samples on hand?

For reference, I'm looking at the by-the-foot stuff at CR's.

To be honest, I'd rather use armature wire for this stuff but I'm afraid it will eventually break if a person poses the critter a lot. If this has not been your experience with armature wire (I'm talking about the softer stuff used for sculpting) I'd be interested to know that as well.

Thank you!

Fabric Decals?

Does anybody know what exactly the vinyl-eqsue decal material occasionally seen on commercially manufactured plush is? To be specific, the markings on these Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza plush (though I've seen it used on a fair amount of non-Pokemon too):

I imagine that intricate details would require some stellar xacto knife cutting skills for something better done with an embroidery machine, but the material might be useful for details on smaller plush or otherwise trying to mimic a UFO catcher plush look. Does it have a specific name and is it available for purchase anywhere?

Two questions!

Hi! I've two questions regarding painting and embroidering software.

There's a minky plush I'm making- a character from the game Okami- whose markings I would like to give a hand painted look to as per the aesthetics of said game, but I don't have an airbrush and otherwise only have acrylic paints and Prismacolor markers. It's obvious that the minky fibers can clump up with a glop of paint, but would the aforementioned markers or thinned down acrylics in layers be a better option for a smooth finish?

Also, I've recently acquired a secondhand embroidery machine, however it doesn't include any digitizing software. Does anybody here have any recommendations for (preferrably inexpensive) programs? I found quite a few free programs when I searched, but to avoid a lot of trial and error, I would certainly appreciate recommendations as a general direction to start in.

I'm not sure if any of these constitute as "beginner" questions and I apologize if they do fall under that category, but if not, thanks in advance!

Chain Stitch Supplier Resource List

Hey all, I created a Google Shared Document for our community. I thought this may be useful to a few people - Feel free to add your favorite shops, make non-destructive edits, add country tags to resources, etc! Enjoy!

Resources - Fabrics, Faux Furs, Notions, Doll Making Supplies, and Craft Supplies!

Supplier Resource List
Hey all! Upon looking to advance and further my sewing techniques, I've been venturing into teddy bear making. I just thought I'd let you know about this super cheap offer for a 1 year subscription to a teddy bear magazine, with articles and patterns! I just subscribed myself :)

Coupon code for a 1-year subscription: EEL422
Subscribe link: http://teddybearandfriends.com/subscribe.html

Or, for free, you can just check out the bear making articles and techniques that are on their website:

Mod post!

Hey all! After some hiatus on my part, I'd like to help bring this community to life, and help it flourish! With some help, I'd like to get some more members in here, strengthen the goal of this group, and get people talking more.

What would you like to see more of in this community? Weird/advanced techniques and tips? Supplier lists? Challenges to get a fire under your butt? Critique without hard feelings? Weekly or monthly text/video chats involving all members? Organized web casts of our members sewing? Inspirational artists found online?

If there's something you'd like to see more of in our group, post it here! All ideas are welcome and will be considered.

Dying minky

So I have run into the same problem that pretty much every plusher seems to have had at some point: LIGHT ORANGE MINKY. It just doesn't exist! What the hell.

So: does anyone have any experience with dying minky? I'm happy to experiment with it myself in little batches (thinking of starting with white or light yellow in this case) to get the shade I want but I'd like some guidance on what kind of dye to use! Most dyes afaik are not compatible with the plastic nature of minky, which tends to resist...kind of everything. Bleach doesn't work at all for the same reason. Do any dyes work? Do some dyes secretly actually work, just not quite as well as they would with other fabrics?

I'm pretty sure I've read in the past that minky /can/ be dyed so hopefully you guys will have the low-down!

Crits Requested on Pattern

Hey all, I think this is my first post here :)
I was wondering if you had a moment, if you could critique my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic filly pattern. I made it a Ponyta just to test everything, so you can ignore the mane and eye style.

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